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Geothermal Heat Pump Styles – Radiant Heat, Pressured Air, Combo and Split

There are 4 different kinds of geothermal heat pumps accessible today.

Every one features a unique process of connecting towards the heating distribution procedure in your home or creating. Some forms tend to be more efficient than many others at providing house conditioning into the developing, but that may be a assets in the distribution.

Most of these GSHP varieties however get their electricity with the floor loop, which transfers the absorbed warmth in the inner refrigerant loop. It truly is what transpires for the warmth following that is exactly what will make the main difference involving styles.

The 4 different kinds of geothermal heat pumps are h2o to air, water to drinking water, combo and split heat pumps.

Water to Air

The first and possibly most employed geothermal heat pump is the drinking water to heat pump hydronic heating. This heat pump is used for homes with pressured air units, and generally replaces a traditional furnace. The ground loop provides in absorbed warmth on the refrigerant loop (the h2o portion of “water to air”). That refrigerant is then compressed and cycled in front of a fan coil device to generally be sent by duct perform distribution on the dwelling (the air portion of “water to air”. This process may also be switched in reverse to supply cooling to some construction.

A single feasible structure challenge is the sizing from the ductwork. Due to the fact geothermal techniques are viewed as a lower temp heat source, an increased quantity of air is needed to deliver the exact same heating or cooling load. This tends to possibly call for more substantial ductwork to support with the higher air quantity, or even a specialised, small-duct, high-velocity forced air procedure like Unico or SpacePak.

H2o to Water

The next kind is usually a drinking water to drinking water, or hydronic. This sort capabilities similar to all other heat pumps within the floor loop aspect in the refrigerant, but in place of sending the compressed and heated refrigerant to a fan coil, it’s transferred specifically into another water loop that circulates by way of the heat pump, and into your water-based distribution. This hydronic distribution is mostly radiant warmth (Radiant and Geothermal Post), but it surely may also be employed in conjunction with a domestic incredibly hot water or a exterior snow soften method.


The third variety is actually a combo device. This combines the preceding two heat pumps, supplying both forced air and hydronic distribution. This is often excellent in residences or structures the place both equally sorts of distribution are essential. Some zones may be extremely substantial warmth decline, for example rooms with large windows, or around an exit door that may be continuously open, and will call for extra warmth during the house than just radiant or maybe pressured air could present. This is when a combo device offering both equally could appear in very useful.

The last type of pump available on the market is known as a split heat pump. This sort is largely similar to a regular warmth pump to the water side, but it surely sends the refrigerant inside a prolonged loop to the distant air handler. This helps make it simpler in more substantial positions to help keep the geothermal unit from the mechanical space with the many loop subject connections, and however have an air handler offering heat to your difficult to reach spot, like the second story of a giant house. This enables for increased versatility from the all round design of your heating distribution method.